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A slot machine (American), fruit machine (British), or online pokies (Australian) are casino gambling machines with three or more playline reels which spin when a button is pushed. These games are available to play online for free or with real money and include all the bells and whistles you expect from your local casino. From bonus games to up to 100 free spins these games have all the excitement you expect! We feature all the latest games and exclusive online casino offers.

Pokies Hints & Tips

Winning consistently on Pokies machines is not easy.  You will have days where you might win $100s and the next week shovel money into a pokies machine to see no return at all.  This is the frustrating part of playing and for some may turn into a dangerous addiction.   We have prepared some handy tips when playing slots and pokies games to make sure you get the best returns and avoid gambling more than you can afford.

1) Set a Budget Before you Play – Never walk into a casino or play online with more than you can afford.  It is important to set a limit and stick to it.  Never chase your losses.

Online Casino Bonus

Online Casino Bonus

2) Play Online Pokies – Online casinos offer far greater returns than your local pub, club or casino.  This is because their overheads are much lower (no rent/minimal staff requirements/electricity) therefore they will return more.  In some instances it is not unusual to see a return of up to 99% on some online games.  This makes your chances of winning far greater!

3) Higher Denomination Games have higher payouts – In general pokies games set in higher denominations attract higher returns to attract people to play more.  Playing strategically on high end machines could see you hit a much higher win.  20 Free spins on a 50c machine will give you a very attractive payout!

4) Claim Online Bonuses – Online casinos do offer fantastic bonuses to get you started.  This may be $500 to play with for free and keep your winnings, $50 totally free, % matches on your first deposit.  These are great deals to give you higher chances of winning and more money to play with.

5) Treat each gambling session independent of previous sessions – Don’t go into a casino or play online frustrated because you lost the previous week.  Go into each session with a clear mind and independent of previous games. 

6) Choose a game you enjoy – Playing online slots is a form of entertainment so make sure you pick a game that you enjoy with the graphics and sounds that excite you!  This way if you loose, you still had a great enjoyable time.

7) Use the gamble/double up feature – Most pokies have a function where you can double your winnings by choosing a suit or a colour.  This allows you to multiply your winnings and unlike the spins on the reels this gambling option has no advantage to the casino. This means that the feature is a better way to win than on the pokies game itself.