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A slot machine (American), fruit machine (British), or online pokies (Australian) are casino gambling machines with three or more playline reels which spin when a button is pushed. These games are available to play online for free or with real money and include all the bells and whistles you expect from your local casino. From bonus games to up to 100 free spins these games have all the excitement you expect! We feature all the latest games and exclusive online casino offers.

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Tournament Slots

Tournament Slots

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Packed with loads of excitement, live slot tournaments enable let you play against other online pokies players in order to win massive prizes.

The games work like regular online slot games except that at the beginning of a tournament, each player is allotted a fixed number of coins and has a certain amount of time to play with these coins and maximise their return.

When the tournament ends, the casino announces the official winners and immediately credits their accounts with their winnings. To begin playing in a live slot tournament, log on to the casino and follow these three easy steps:

1. Click on Tournaments
2. Choose Scheduled or Sit & Go tournaments
3. Select a tournament and have fun!

Scheduled and Sit & Go Tournaments
Scheduled tournaments start at specific time. Inside the casino software in the “scheduled tournaments” section, you can see when each tournament begins and the poker machine game you will be playing.

Sit & Go tournaments are open for all players, and are unique in that they require as few as five players to begin a tournament. The idea behind Sit & Go tournaments is that they run all the time and begin as soon as the predetermined number of players register for the tournament. If you round out a Sit & Go tournament, it will begin right away.If you need to wait for more players, then you can play on other casino games and the casino will automatically alert you when the tournament is about to begin. Please note that Sit & Go tournaments start 30 seconds after the last player registers, so if you go away from your computer while waiting, you might miss part of or the entire tournament. 
Cash prizes are the most common prizes in Live Slot Tournaments. Some tournaments have only one winner, while others can have over 100. To view the cash prizes for a specific tournament, see the Prize list in the software.Feed to another tournament, also known as feeder tournaments, are prizes that allow the winners to move on to another tournament, like a free ticket. The winners will be automatically registered to the next tournament.
There is no cash equivalent prize, so if a player does not play in the next tournament, then they essentially forfeit their prize. In feeder tournaments, the prize can be seen in the prize list as name of the tournament they feed into.

For example, in a free entry to a weekender tournament, the prize would be listed as “$20,000 Weekender” is not a $20,000 cash prize; rather, it means that the winner(s) will be given a free ticket to the $20,000 Weekender tournament.

Special prizes could be a bonus, a cruise or any other prize that we can think of! These presents are not given automatically; instead the winners are notified shortly after the tournament ends.

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