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A slot machine (American), fruit machine (British), or online pokies (Australian) are casino gambling machines with three or more playline reels which spin when a button is pushed. These games are available to play online for free or with real money and include all the bells and whistles you expect from your local casino. From bonus games to up to 100 free spins these games have all the excitement you expect! We feature all the latest games and exclusive online casino offers.

What are iSlots?

I-Slots = Interactive Slots

i-Slots are multi-reel, multi-line slots enhanced with thrilling extras and a unique storyline. Created to make slots more interactive and story based, i-Slots offer players a chance to bet, play and win, while simultaneously entertaining them with an unfolding story with characters and challenging features.

At the start of every i-Slot, players are shown an animated video clip that introduces them to a unique world with its own atmosphere and characters. As they move ahead, completing more levels, players are rewarded with more entertaining clips, as well as new features and fun, interactive mini-games.

I-Slots combine the pleasure of classic slots with an entertainment experience that’s part film and part video game. And best of all, because our gaming software can be easily updated with new episodes and new games, i-Slots offer an experience that’s different and exciting every time.

There are currently 4 islots games and there are many more on the way.  These are great pokies games that are a bit different to what you are used to at your local casino.  Try them today CLICK HERE!